Our Mission and Goals

Tapestry is Unique.

Our founders and leadership team are clinicians and nursing facility operators who have spent a lifetime caring for our most vulnerable populations and have more than a century of combined experience working in the field.

Our leadership helped to pioneer telemedicine in nursing facilities. With nearly a decade of service advancing this state-of-the-art technology, our team has more combined experience caring for people through telemedicine in skilled nursing facilities than any other company in the United States.

Tapestry is Committed.

We are committed to caring for people the same way that we would care for our own loved ones. We recruit clinicians who share our values to make a difference in people’s lives and who have strong clinical and academic skillsets. 

Our approach is to go deep with patients and their families to ensure individualized, person-centered care that works.

Tapestry is Driven and Dedicated.

We are dedicated to caring for people with respect and supporting a life of dignity within the nursing facility.

We believe deeply that people residing in rural nursing facilities should have access to care every day without having to travel long distances. We believe that people deserve expert care that specialists can bring but that is so often missing in rural settings. 

Tapestry is here to make a difference in people’s lives and to help nursing facilities achieve and maintain five-star CMS ratings as places to recover and reside.

How can Tapestry Telehealth help you?

Provide Early Treatment for Conditions

Lower Barriers to Access to Specialized Care

Reduce Emergency Room Transfers & Hospitalizations

Improve Medication Stewardship

Ensure High Satisfaction among Patients, Families, Nurses, Staff

Reduce Care Costs while Improving Quality

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